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  • One-year annual membership to WTK The Contrarian includes periodic twice a month research reports delivered in PDF format.
  • Includes at least one deep-dive equity specific research report per month delivered via email.
  • Includes regular articles on big picture macroeconomic topics, hypothetical portfolio construction, and on investment philosophy.



4 reviews for One-Year Annual Membership

  1. wtkoldus

    Biased, as this is a review from Travis, yet just seeing if this function works,


  2. Jeff Gallo (verified owner)

    This site provides access to top quality, well articulated research reports and true “contrarian” investment ideas. Detailed explanations of equity valuations and macro factors are provided. I truly enjoy Travis’s writing style and learn from his posts, which are very educational. Well worth the money and time you will spend, especially in this difficult market environment. Best bang for your buck!

  3. Greg Compton (verified owner)

    We all know about “Don’t fight the Fed”. They want inflation. What you may or may not know is that commodities and natural resource stocks are incredibly cheap relative to everything else. As Travis would say, “Therein lies the opportunity”.

    Travis has found a real jewel in the Appalachian natural gas producers and according to recent price action, he has “picked the right horse” within that group in AR. That gives me confidence.

    The move has started. After a gut-wrenching couple of years, these stocks look like they have made the turn and they are still not expensive. So, dump your overpriced & overhyped video conference and exercise bike stocks…and buy something real!

  4. Alex Doherty (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member of Travis’s service for a year, and I’m almost embarrassed at how much money I’ve made based on his research, as compared to the cost of the service. It easily exceeds 100X, and I’m being modest by saying that. I have subscribed to several paid research services over the years, and this is the best, both in terms of individual stock picking and general market analysis. You can’t go wrong here, in my opinion.

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