Natural Gas Prices Have Exploded Higher Signaling The End Of An Era

(Travis’s Note:  This article was originally authored on November 10th, 2018, and I am posting it here for the archives).

  • Natural gas prices have been in a nearly decade long bear market.
  • Natural gas equities have fared even worse.
  • Lower for longer was the prevailing mantra, but the nearly universal believe in lower for longer has potentially brought its demise.

Natural gas prices (UNG) had an incredible week, surging 13.3% to new multi-year highs, already eclipsing their 2017/2018 winter peak levels.

What is behind this surge in natural gas prices?

Simply put, structural demand drivers that were created by the universal belief in lower natural gas prices for longer have caused demand to exceed supply.

This has manifested itself in a natural gas inventory level that is below the five-year minimum.

Working Gas in Underground Storage Compared with Five-Year Range

Natural gas bears have blamed the recent favorable weather for the price action in natural gas, but these same bears, who estimate that weather has drawn down inventories by an additional 300-500 BCF during calendar 2018, conveniently forget that the historically warm winters of 2015/2016 & 2016/2017 torpedoed a burgeoning bull market in natural gas, and natural gas equities, when there was a structural supply/demand deficit, by adding roughly 2,000 BCF in unused supply to storage across the two historically warm, back-to-back winters.

The pendulum swings both ways, though, and one extreme is about to lead to another, and everything that you think you know about natural gas is going to be challenged, absent another historically warm winter.

The nearly decade long bear market in natural gas prices has created a potentially very profitable opportunity in a select group of natural gas producers, which despite residing in perhaps the most prolific energy basin in the United States, and having more favorable fundamentals than their richly valued Permian cousins, remains undervalued and under-owned.

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Ultimately, I think we are now at a major inflection point in the financial markets, highlighted by the price action in October of 2018, which has been ongoing in slow motion for three years, but which could suddenly accelerate. Being different, being contrarian, has been extremely painful for a long time now, however, resilience and persistence, two necessary qualities for success in contrarian investing and in life in general, in my opinion, are leading to what I believe is an upcoming golden age for active investors.

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